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Testimonials: Testimonials

"Emma Harm is very courteous and professional. She is very patient to listen to you and make you feel very comfortable while she works. Most importantly, she has very high sense of detail-orientation which is very evident in her neat and natural looking microblading work. She is 200% recommended."

Sean Edeki

"Emma was my brow artist and she did a fabulous job!! My brows look so natural. Not to mention the color and shape are also amazing!! If anyone is skeptical about hacing microblading done, I suggest visiting with Emma. You won't be disappointed!"

Ashley Taylor

"Emma is AMAZING and works hard to give you the brows of your dreams! She's so sweet! Very nice and clean, and I felt comfortable the whole time! Highly recommend!"

Andra Thompson

"This review is based on a consultation with Emma. She is wonderful. Has great charisma. Knowledgeable and will make sure you leave with all questions answered and understanding the entire process! Elegant waiting room, beautiful atmosphere. I highly recommend their GROWING services!"

Marsha Reid

"I walked in with like NO brows and walked out with BROW GOALS. As a self proclaimed penny-pincher, I was iffy about the idea of microblading and if it was worth it. Let me tell you, it was worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY. Emma was seriously AMAZING to work with, super chill and easy to talk to, making it such an easy environment to relax in (also doesn't hurt that the studio is BEAUTIFUL). 10/10, every time, I would recommend Emma to work her magic!

Samantha Grooters

"Emma was amazing and what a clean, beautiful studio! Highly recommend. Love my new brows. Thank you Emma!"

Tracy Kramer

"Emma does an amazing job! She was there to answer all my questions I had before, during, and after the process. My results were everything I had expected and more! Even though Emma is family, she still made sure to be professional. I highly recommend anyone who is thinking about getting the perect brows to go check out Emma. Again, thank you so much Emma for giving me the perfect eyebrows."

Hope Brandell

"Emma does an amazing job! I can't say enough about my brows. She is such a doll and is incredible at what she does. My face is so much brighter now and polished after her work. Simply Stunning."

Anne Knipling

"I couldn't have asked for a better microblading experience! Emma made me feel so comfortable. She answered all of my questions and paid great attention to detail which I really appreciated as I was pretty nervous about the experience. She made my brows look natural and most importantly they are maintenance free now! I highly recommend Emma if you are considering microblading!"

Kathryn Klapperich

"Ombre Powder Brow. Great Experience working with Emma. My eyebrows look FABULOUS.

Kim S

Emma made me feel so comfortable during the whole process. She listened to and answered all of my questions and concerns. She did an amazing job on my brows and is just an all around amazing person! I will never go elsewhere for my brows! I highly recommend her! Thanks Emma!!

Abbie Mechtenberg

"Emma has done an amazing job microblading my eyebrows! Highly recommend! I have a new found confidence thanks to Emma, thank you!"

Amanda A

"I will only let Emma touch my eyebrows from here on out. This girl is magic. From her work to her bright personality, she makes your experience unique to you. I get so many compliments on how natural my eyebrows look and I'm so happy with the results! Thank you for blessing me with your talents and making my eyebrows look beautiful!"

Isabelle Masloski

"You guys, I'm not kidding when I say I keep checking my phone camera to see if these gorgeous brows are still there. It's truly impossible to explain the relief I feel knowing I get to literally roll out of bed, and not have to worry about taming the beasts. Not only did she do amazing on my eyebrows, she was great to be around throughout the process! Made me feel comfortable prior, during & after."

Amanda Nelson

 "I am so glad I did it!! Emma is amazing! I was so nervous about getting my eyebrows microbladed. I am so glad I did my research because not all artists are the same. Emma drew my eyebrows over & over until I was happy. She took the time to walk me through everything from procedure to eyebrow color to after care. If you have been thinking of doing this don't hesitate to make an appointment with Emma! You won't regret it.. What a talent!"

Toni Lynn Brothers Rustand

"Emma is the BEST. She is kind and genuine. She explained everything to me when getting my eyebrows done which helped calm my nerves. I'm so in love with my brows. Best brow artist around! Thank you Emma!!"

Kailey Jackson

"Emma is amazing! Not only is she extremely talented, and will give you thee most perefct brows. She is so sweet, and so kind! I highly recommend anyone considering microblading, to invest in yourself with Emma! I promise you will not regreit it! The best 2 hours of me time I've had in a very long time! Words can't express how pleased I am! Thank you Emma for not only your talents, but your time."

Heidi Bailey

"I cannot express enough how in love I am with my brows. Who doesn't love waking up ready? The process was easy; very tolerable and all around perfect. Not to mention who Emma is. She is so kind and appreciative. ROCKSTAR"

Maddie Howard

"Not only is Emma an incredible artist, she also is a great person with an incredible ability to make human connections. Emma was born with the mountains of Artemis and the sparrows of Aphrodite in her heart. She is the kind of woman that will cheer you on as you conquer new heights and soar with brave, new wings. I LOVE my brows and will never trust another."

Gabrielle Gruenwald

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