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Wife. Mama to Baby Skybird. Dog Mom. Business Owner. Microblade Artist. Liscensed Cosmetic Tattoo

Emma Harm Ink cosmetic tattoo studio was established in 2018 by owner Emma Harm. It wasn't about the brows for her; Emma has had a passion for helping others feel more confident, whole, and beautiful in their own skin since she was little. She considers her studio her temple and creative workspace. In her studio, Emma and her clients glow, laugh, cry, hug, create, celebrate who they are, build each other up, build others up, and manifest positivity and happiness and love. She wants every client to know, when they walk out of her studio with their cosmetic tattoos, that they are enough exactly as they are. Rather than focusing on changing the way clients look, Emma focuses on changing the way people feel. She considers this (HEART)work.

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